Established 1995

Kinship Inspection Service, Inc.
Ray and Pat Kindshy

In Loving Memory

Raymond and Patricia Kindschy founded Kinship Inspection Service Inc. in 1995. The name of the company, KINSHIP, was formed by using the first three letters of Ray and Pat’s last name and the word ship. An avid boater,Ray loved the U.S.S. Constitutionand used it as the company logo. Ray worked as the President, administrator, inspector, and marketing director until his death in 2007. Pat has worked as scheduler, administrator, secretary, and bookkeeper until her retirement in 2008. Both Ray and Pat have been a pleasure to work with and have become part of our families.

Their contributions will be missed dearly. As a tribute to Ray, and following his advice:

Get Your PSA Numbers Checked Yearly

In Loving Memory of Raymond Kindschy